A short vid purposedly shot for Clips4sale.com Summer Soles theme...
Taking my Pink Dildo out and about!
Miniskirt Miniskirt
Fact: 1 tourist out of 4 is not so interested in Roman heritage...
Roman Ruins
Miniskirts look good and even better with a buttplug!
Buttplug Look
When you reach the end of your #EscapeGame...
Escape Game
Actually I'm a radical, a #NoTanLines extremist!
Nude & Naked
Pink is... the color of Spring!
Barefoot Barefoot
Another messy bedroom... #Whip
Women's Day? Women must be free. Always. Everywhere.
Women's Day
When using Stay Up Pantyhose make sure people notice! (free bonus, if...)
Stay Ups
Pantyhose or Stockings? Opaque or Fishnet? Hold Ups or Stay Ups?
Stay Ups Hold Ups/Stay Ups
Please note the red boots too... #Braless
Lexo Miniskirt
Weather forecast said "wind". Pussy forecast said "dildo".
It ended up with a Wind & Dildo day!
Wind & Dildo Wind & Dildo
On New Year's Eve, I went to a party...
Lexo Nude
Happy New Year!

Lexo Nude
Lexo Travel Style!

Lexo Miniskirt
Someone has to keep an eye on the volcano!
'ncoppa, jamme ja`, funiculi`, funicula`!
Lexo Nude
When in-camera stabilization can't compensate for shaky hands...

Lexo Upskirt
Cold and sunny, a soft wool sweater is just what I need!
(and everybody enjoys the view!)

Lexo Barefoot
My hotel room is a mess! I'll soon go out on the balcony...

Lexo Naked
Plain and simple: Lexo Street Style. Would you turn your head too?
Lexo Miniskirt
Eat Me & Go! But take your time...

Lexo Miniskirt
Listen to "Plugged In" while watching my Butt Plugs Collection!
Lexo Butt Plugs
I do like to choose a great location to relax and play with my pussy!
Lexo Naked
Some airport shopping before flying back home...

Lexo Miniskirt
Still tanning!

Lexo Naked
Gone Tanning! Time for some no-tan-lines holidays...

Lexo Naked
Climb with me on board this Typical Horse Cart and let's take a city tour!
Lexo Horse Cart Fun Lexo Horse Cart Fun
When you park your car at the right place at the right time...

Lexo Naked
No chance to attend one of The Stones latest shows? Here is the best review you can get!

Lexo No Filter Tour
Barefoot Sandals advertising on a sunny afternoon...

Lexo Barefoot Lexo Barefoot
"Gimme Shelter"! Drenched from Head to Toes!
Lexo Summer Soles
The brand new Summer Soles video clip comes in 2 flavours: mostly soles, or soles & pussy!
Lexo Summer Soles Lexo Summer Soles
Summer is here, time to change your wallpaper!

Nude Sunbathing
I'm not Cinderella, but I'm still waiting for my carriage...

Lexo Miniskirt
Seethrough Lace Pants: choose between the 11m summary, or the full length Part 1 and Part 2!
Lexo Seethrough Lace Pants
Beware of mirrors!
Lexo Mirrors
If you have ordered the 1 hour long video, don't forget to claim your free NJoy plug prequel! (send me an email).
Lexo NJoy plug prequel
I promised more RED. Here are the red boots (and loveballs) in action!
Lexo Red Boots
RED! Full size pictures here!
Lexo in RED
Let's all welcome Spring!
Lexo Springtime Lexo Springtime
And then I took the train...

Lexo Barefoot
You will notice a lot of head turning during this one hour long video clip! Probably because stars pointing from under miniskirts are not so common these days...
Lexo Barefoot Lexo Barefoot
First, I found a balcony bathtub, now I found a balcony shower!!
Lexo Open Air Shower
And then I had to give an unplanned lecture about the use of butt plugs!!
Lexo Butt Plug stroll Lexo Butt Plug stroll
My new knee high red boots...
Lexo Red Boots
A room with a view: with or without foam?
Lexo Foam Bath Lexo Foam Bath
Talking about sexy hotels, what about those hotels with a bathtub on the terrace?
Lexo Foam Bath
2018: the review of Lexo's sexiest hotels of the world continues...
Lexo Sexiest Hotels Lexo Sexiest Hotels
Happy New Year!
Lexo Happy New Year
How to revisit a summer dress, make it all yours and finally getting rid of it!
Free 1m prequel video here >>>
My last autumnal Sunday walk before winter comes...
Lexo Naked Autumn Walk
Finally, here is my own tzatziki recipe!
Best of all, you can have it for FREE!
Lexo Cucumber & Yogurt
Here is at least one good reason to have bought a cucumber and some plain yogurt!
Part 3/4, tagged #Yogurt, #Cucumber, #Barefoot.
Lexo Cucumber & Yogurt
Lexo's BlackFriday:
Obtain ANY video from this Clips4sale link and get a free short "Safety Pin" 2m clip!
(email me lexoweb@gmail.com, valid through 31.12)
Lexo Safety Pin Pierced Pussy
How do you want your eggs, Miss? Short, please!
Lexo Sexy Healthy Breakfast
Ecotourism is all fine, but Sexy Tourism is way more interesting!
Part 2/4, tagged #Shopping, #Cucumber, #Barefoot.
Lexo Sexy Tourist Lexo Sexy Tourist
Ecotourism is all fine, but Sexy Tourism is way more interesting!
Part 1/4, tagged #Loveballs, #Icecream, #Barefoot.
Lexo Sexy Tourist Lexo News
Make sure to always wear the right shoes...
Lexo Red Heels
Did you request your Lexo Wallpapers?
Lexo Blown Skirt
Meet my new bodyguard!
Lexo Barefoot
Let the winds blow my skirt, my shirt and everything else!
Lexo Upskirt Lexo Upskirt
Morning coffee...
Lexo Naked Coffee Lexo Naked Coffee
Guy: "OMG! I saw it live!!!"
Lexo Barefoot
Other cats have to do crazy things on YouTube to be famous...
Lexo Red Heels
Have you ever thought of wearing overalls... over nothing?
Lexo Braless Lexo Braless
"Gone Tanning": end of beach time, flying back home...
Lexo Sexy Travel
"Gone Tanning" Update #5. Sometimes people at the bar get a nice view...
Lexo Naked at the Beach Lexo Naked at the Beach
"Gone Tanning" Update #4. The beach in front of my hotel...
Lexo Naked at the Beach
"Gone Tanning" Update #3. Even on one of the top rated mediterranean beach...
Lexo Naked at the Beach Lexo Naked at the Beach
"Gone Tanning" Update #3. Please horn while you drive past...
Lexo Naked at the Beach
"Gone Tanning" Update #2. It could be your beach!
Lexo Naked at the Beach Lexo Naked at the Beach
"Gone Tanning" Update #1. For all those who asked, I do NOT spend my holidays in nudist resorts...
Lexo Naked at the Beach
Gone Tanning!

Lexo Naked at the Beach
Click thumbnail to discover the whole picture --->
(full-size close-up pic on request)

Lexo Barefoot on the underground
If you obtained Lexo Street Fashion Part 1 or Part 2 from Clips4sale, claim your free Bonus Clip!
Lexo News
For those of you who don't follow @lexoweb or @ryanair on Twitter...

Lexo Sexy Flying
If you've got them, flaunt them! Lexo Street Fashion 2/2
Lexo Braless Seethrough
Don't say: "I saw it on Fashion TV". Say: "I saw it on Lexo Street Fashion 1/2"!
Lexo Braless Seethrough Lexo Braless Seethrough
Go #Braless, your necklace will be noticed even more...
Lexo Braless Seethrough
The Ultimate Upskirt Voyeur video clip: grab your camera and try your luck!
Lexo Upskirt Lexo Upskirt
Subscribe? Just added new HD clips: Shopping for Shoes, Whipping my Pussy, Snow or Sun and the Street Parade.
Lexo Updates
Who knows when: My fashion choices...

Lexo Sexy Dresses
Another winter without snow here... Remember these clips?
Barefoot in the snow? Frozen feet and hot pussy! Heavy Snowfall? I'll come with my Shovel! Cold & Snow? Naked under my coat!
[newly edited MP4 versions]
Lexo Naked in the Snow Lexo Naked in the Snow
Spring is here! Make sure you wear flowers...

Lexo Braless Seethrough
Don't forget to check all previous News and free Pics Lexo Previous News