Lexo, always braless and pantyless in public

The Lexo Life Style

Welcome to my website: Lexoweb.com

Welcome to my website: Lexoweb.com

Hi & Ciao! Welcome to Lexoweb.com, home of the Lexo Lifestyle. I'm Lexo, and through this website, I invite you to experience my unique and unconventional approach to fashion and personal style.

I pride myself on being non-conformist and I never shy away from expressing myself through my clothing choices.

My fashion choices are a reflection of my mood and personal expression. I like to keep my style light, airy and comfortable. I always go braless and pantyless, and I believe in the power of High Heels and Bare Feet. I am pierced with nipple and vaginal piercings and occasionally I wear a Butt Plug, and I always accessorize to complete my look.

That's the essence of the Lexo Lifestyle. Are you intrigued?
Discover more about my perspective on fashion and lifestyle by reading on, and why I am "Lexo, the girl you want to see up your street"!

Traveling is my hobby

I like to travel. But be it by boat, Train or Plane, I'm nothing like the usual passenger; you'll immediately spot me in the queue at the check-in counters!

At any destination, I prefer to wear light and airy clothing that reflects my personal style, like a sheer or fishnet shirt paired with a ultra short skirt or a sheer dress. I am also very selective when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of high heel sandals.

On this website, I share my travel experiences and daily routines through videos made by my partner. We have been fortunate to visit many beautiful destinations and have compiled a vast video archive over the years. Join us as we explore the world and discover the "Lexo Lifestyle".

Traveling is my hobby
Always braless and pantyless

Always braless and pantyless

I own a large collection of extremely short Miniskirts. Better call them Micro skirts. Usually when I buy a miniskirt, I have to use my scissors to make them fit my style. My shortest one is the size of a Dollar bill! Panties are not an option.

Light and airy, that is usualy the basis for my choice of clothing. When chosen well, accessories will enhance the whole picture, so I always pay extra attention to that. A nice belt, some matching bracelets, the right collar and a sexy nipple chain for example. Not to mention Anklets or Barefoot Sandals. If chosen well, they are the cherry on the cake.

Also, my body piercings allow me to add some nice accents which would simply not be possible if I would wear bra and panties. So, being braless and pantyless serves a purpose!

Sexy piercings and accessories

I embrace my Piercings and I don't shy away from showing them off. I love to wear sheer or transparent clothing that highlights my body jewelry in a unique way.

I am also an avid beach-goer and I fully support the #NoTanLines movement. I believe that a bathing suit should not detract from a Beach experience, whether it's lounging on the hot sand or swimming naked in the Mediterranean.

I understand that my fashion choices and love for the beach may lead some to misunderstand me as an exhibitionist, but let me be clear: it is simply one aspect of the Lexo Life Style.

Sexy joyful piercings and accessories
When feeling naughty, anything can happen

At times, anything can happen

Sometimes, when I am feeling sexy, you can catch me playing with my nipples, or my pussy. I just love to finger myself. Often I use a dildo or Vibrator to play. Not just in my bedroom of course! I always cary my toys with me.

Do you know my friend Naomi? Well, she is very naughty and whenever we happen to meet, she keeps telling me about her sexy adventures. So arousing! And everytime we end up fondling each other...

If you like to watch women in public places, dressed very sexy, or hardly dressed at all, you came to the right website.

So, what are you waiting for? You can browse the latest News with my latest clip(s), subscribe to dozens of my most recent video clips or explore all those previous clips that have made me famous...

Kiss, Lexo.